Instructor(s) Classes Bio

Cassaundra Smyth

Not poi juggling – 2 poi advanced tosses

(Intermediate poi)

  • Using already well known tosses and going over tossing to your other hand
  • Going over hand switches or a 2 poi shower by doing a toss and handing the other poi to your opposite hand.
  • Going over not so well known tosses such as a double toss and an over turn toss. I’ll show and quickly revisit tosses that have been around for awhile for people who haven’t seen or heard of them. Everything I go over in this class I use with 3 poi juggling.
  • Going over same time and split time drills for double tosses
  • Going over double tosses that switch from wheel to wheel plane.
  • Going over how to toss two poi out of one hand.
  • Going over a few two poi toss combo nuggets I’ve come up with.

Ball on string juggling

(Advanced poi)

  • Going over posture for juggling
  • Going over using pendulums or spins to keep a cascade going
  • Showing a wheel plane cascade and breaking down the pattern (high tosses starting form left to right and right to left with two poi)
  • Going over grips and letting your tether loft down back to the handle before your next throw in the cascade ( the biggest problem when learning a cascade with poi)
  • if more advanced students come I have multiple wheel and wall plane turns to show

2 poi one hand exits (Advanced poi)

  • Going over superman behind the head carryovers
  • Going over the two ways to keep the carryovers continuous from switching native under the arm to non-native shoulder (vice versa)
  • Going over different ways to get to the carryover stall
  • Using an extended superman carryover stall over the head as a way to get out of meter (two poi one hand) using variations of exits with contact and tosses
  • Going over meter neck wraps and playing with that ending in meter exits
  • Going over using your armpit to pinch your tether, with your poi head in cradle, to change timing, direction and to mix with pattern spinning and other manipulations.
I’ve been manipulating objects for 7 years and teaching for 3. It’s been one of the biggest passions of my life that continues to grow the more I practice. I love sharing what others have taught me, as well what I have discovered within the art myself. My main prop is poi but I practice other props as well. I’ve taught workshops of all sizes at the San Diego Circus Center and festivals such as Universal Flow Gathering, Mops Manipulation, Firedrums, Spin Summit, Kinetic Fire, SCJC, as well as, personal one on one lessons. I also had the pleasure of teaching 3 workshops at the 2015 PlayPoi Retreat in the leviathan studio.

Bloomington Acro



Intro to Acro

Level: Beginner

Triples Acro

Level: Intermediate

Bloomington Acro is Adam Ploshay, Kat Cochran AKA Katatonic, Bridget Hargus, and Leif Strong

Court Whitfield & Tara Zahler


Triples Acro: More Fun Than a Barrel of Monkeys

Turn Your Flyer into a Prop

Court Whitfield is a flow artist and acro yogi based out of Indianapolis. He has been a slackliner for 8 years and an acro yogi for 4 years. He also spins poi, practices gloving, and performs fire eating.

Tara Zahler enjoys teaching and performing acroyoga in Bloomington and Indianapolis. In addition to being a dedicated acro-monkey, she practices yoga, slackline, rock climbing, and partner dance.

Eric Sipos & Juan Guardiola


Partner Juggling I: 2 count and 4 count

Level: Beginner

Prerequisite: Some experience trying to juggle – at least 3 to 6 catches or a really determined attitude
Description: This workshop demonstrates how to pass up to 6 objects with a partner in 2 count and 4 count. The class progresses using 4 and 5 objects

Partner Juggling II: Ultimates

Level: Beginner

Prerequisite: Some experience trying to juggle clubs – at least 3 to 6 catches or a really determined attitude
Description: This workshop demonstrates how to pass up to 6 objects with a partner in “ultimates” or 1-count. The class progresses using 3 and 5 objects.

Intermediate Club Passing

Level: Intermediate

Prerequisite: Comfortable with partner juggling 2 count and 4 count with 6 clubs
Description:This workshops presents partner juggling tricks and combinations while passing 6 clubs. The workshop includes assorted body throws, syncopation, patterns, doctors, and more!

 Juan and Eric became a team at first sight.

Grace Good

Intro to Multi-Hooping

Skill Level: Intermediate

Prop: Hoop

Description: This Intro to Multi-Hooping workshop is ideal for the intermediate level hooper with zero or little experience with multiple hoops. MUST have experience with a single hoop and be able to hoop comfortably on waist, chest, knees, and arms. Students will learn how to control and manipulate multiple hoops on different parts of the body while working with 2-3 hoops.

Int/ Advanced Circus Multi-hooping Techniques

Skill Level: Advanced

Tool: Hoop

Descriptions: This advanced level multi-hoop workshop is for hoopers with an experience with multi-hoops. Preferred to have experience with at least 2-3 hoops on-body or off-body at once. Hoopers will explore multi-hooping techniques on-body, off-body, and both. Hoopers will learn new ways to control multiple hoops, speed techniques, posture and more.

Circus Style Single Hoop

Skill Level: Intermediate

Tool: Hoop
Description: You only need one hoop to be a sassy circus diva! This workshop we will be learning single hoop tricks and techniques that can add a ‘circus style’ to your flow. Perfect for hoop performers, aspiring performers, or anyone who just wants to add some flare to your hoop flow. The workshop will include:
Exciting new ways to pick your hoop up from the ground, combos with speedy hand spins and crazy tosses, body positioning & control techniques for fast hooping, and performance techniques and secrets.

A pole and aerialist from Chicago IL who on her off time loves to practice object manipulation and juggling! And on her off-off time spends it making crafts and clothing! And on her off-off-off-time maybe sleeping.

Kimberly Bucki

Aerial silks for your social media photo obsession

Let’s learn all those cool tricks you want a photo of! Bring a selfie friend to take your photo!

All experience welcome! For the more advanced students who hate sitting in on silks classes, I’ll make it harder and more complex just for you!!

Buugeng manipulation


Buugeng masters (2 buugeng one hand) (four buugeng)


Pole Dancing Inversions and combos


A pole and aerialist from Chicago IL who on her off time loves to practice object manipulation and juggling! And on her off-off time spends it making crafts and clothing! And on her off-off-off-time maybe sleeping.


Aerial Silk Fundamentals

Skill Level: Beginner

New to flying? Let us show you the ropes, or rather the silks! This workshop focuses on inversions, foot locks, and spins. Students will work through multiple progressions, building move upon move to learn complete tricks. For all experience levels. 90 minutes

Intermediate Aerial Techniques

Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Learn unique climbs, explore fabric theory, and try new and exciting drops. Participants should know basic climbs, inversions, foot locks, and hip keys. Curriculum will be based on student ability and experience levels. 90 minutes

Lyra Flow Skill Level

Beginner – Intermediate

Learn the art of the aerial hoop, from foundational moves and basic inversions to tricks under, in, and above the hoop. Practice transitions, progressions, and even duo moves.

Aerialogy  – the study and application of acrobatic flight; the art of dancing on air; the science of swag; atmospheric gymnastics; your next obsession.

Co-founded by Laura Pence and Aimee Polk, Aerialogy is a unique aerial arts company dedicated improving lives through incredible fitness-based activities and performances. Aerialogy strives to build an empowering, inclusive community where people of all ages can explore movement, build self-confidence, and get in amazing shape. Our instructors have trained and performed from coast to coast and love to share the joy of flying with students of all levels.

Mufasa Lee

Liquid Folds for Tech heads – Single/Twin Hoop

Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced

This workshop averts artists from using the traditional “plane to same plane” fold and extends the range of motion across the entire body. Whether entranced in tech, engulfed in flow, or looking to captivate the eye of an audience without strenuous or repetitive motions, this workshop will definitely provide a new approach to your vision of planes.

Twins & Quads Tech – Twin/Quad Hoop

Skill Level:  Advanced

This workshop consists of many Isolation Hybrids done with 2 hoops in one hand. Topics covered include infiniti/ocho/eight grips and their variations, minor grid tracing, 2 handed point isolations, iso flowers, cat eyes, and more.

Sticky Hybrids a.k.a. Hand 2 Head – Double Staff

Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced

This workshop will involve a multitude of flowers that express the importance of hand spinning vs finger twirling. Both hemispheres of the brain will be active as we explore the realm of hybrid patterns (2 different movements with both hands). As well as turning within our patterns, we will cover all possible hinge, point isolation, and weaves that make these patterns so visually appealing.

 Austin “Mufasa” Lee, is flow and movement meditation artist and instructor from St. Louis, MO. He has been engulfed in the arts of movement the majority of his life. Specifically pertaining to prop manipulation, he’s experienced in the arts of poi, hoop dance, hoop tech, double staff, fans, and more recently ball & hoop juggling. His introduction to the arts was one of a rather misfortunate time in his life, but through the application of consistent practice and determination, this once seemingly childlike expression of movement became a source of meditation and release. Astounded by the level of appreciation and interest received by friends, family, and bystanders over the years, Mufasa began teaching his methods of movement meditation over 3 years ago. His workshops expand upon concepts and images that are readily identifiable to most, and are comprised of a series of simpler motions that when combined expose a greater idea to better ensure the learning process is free of stress and frustration. He’s a firm believer of having a visual understanding of patterns and movements before applying them physically.


Miming 101


Focus on telling stories using your body. Focus on creating illusions that convey texture and object.

Footwork and Flow


Teaches you how to move your feet! Focus on keeping a rhythm while moving your feet in different ways.

Full Body Grid//Tutting and Dance

Learn how to utilize the full body grid and Dance with it!

Manufactured on the Southside of Chicago, Rozbot has been practicing dance since he had shoes built , but has performed professionally for 8 years now. Sharing his boogie all over the United States and even internationally. His favorite movements consist of strong character, pinpoint isolations, and violent control.

Abigail Lindsey

Toss Your Fans!

This class will start by going over both reverse and forward no beats as well as different toss entry points. Once some of the main concepts are grasped we will go through some no beat sequences that you can put together and add to your flow!

Body Tracing Hybrids

This class will first go over the main body tracers used in fan tech and then we will branch out and combine antispin, extensions, and more to make some intriguing hybrids!

Abigail Lindsey is a perfomer, teacher, and event coordinator based out of Atlanta! She has been spending the past 3 years traveling the country performing and teaching at festivals and events. Her passion is to share her love for flow arts with the community. She is also apart of the Forged Creations team as a sponsored spinner! #fanarmy

Dylan Rodriguez

Introduction to Double Contact Staff – Pick up another staff

Prerequisites – Single Contact Staff Fundamentals

In this class we will discuss different families of tricks and how they relate to single contact staff movements. These include (wings, violins, crossers, bundles, folding, and hybrids) Beginning with a staff swap and grip swapping theory, we will learn some basic patterns to reorient the positions of your staves with contact moves. Our primary focus will be how to utilize a second staff to make any contact staff move into double contact as well as breaking down specific double contact tricks into each single staff movement.

Advanced Violin Combos (Double Contact) – Fiddler on the stick

Prerequisite – Intermediate Double Contact knowledge

In this workshop we will focus on a double contact technique known as a violin. In addition to specific tricks, we will discuss transition points for integrating this technique into your flow. Covering specific violin tricks such as: angel roll, angel x neckwrap, staff swap, and wings.

Dylan is a design engineer, devoted father, and husband with a passion for Double Contact. Based out of Piqua, OH, Dylan has been honing his skills for 5 years. He has performed and instructed at events such as Kinetic Fire and Fahrenheit.

Jay Becker

All about Atomics and Hybrids with Double Staff

Skill Level: Intermediate

Participants should feel comfortable with anti spin and point Isolation What is Atomic? (and why is it different than 3D?) What is a Hybrid? We will discuss and answer these questions and then go through as many patterns and sequences as time and class skill allow.

Discovering Triads

Skill Level: Beginner

Extra props provided Triads are a relatively unexplored prop with an endless potential for awesomeness.

 As the founder of Forged Creations fire gear, Jay has been practicing prop manipulation and flow since 2010, and has been an organizer with FLAME festival since 2012. A multiple prop artist, his main focus is on staves and Triads. Residing near Atlanta, GA, Jay and his wife Becca have helped countless new spinners stay interested and learn at flow jams and events locally as well as holding workshops at several ATL movement studios. He has also been invited to teach workshops at FLAME, Kinetic fire, Wildfire, Fahrenheit, Playthink, SoIllFlow, SoFlow, Flow Camp, Flowida, Flowstival, SE Mosaic dance festival, Earthdance, Hawkfest and more. As a flow arts prop maker/vendor Jay has had the unique opportunity to attend the majority of Eastern US flow festivals and learn from some of the most influential flow artists in the world, and he is eager to share what he’s learned.

Jared Janssen

Ball Juggling with a Friend

Skill level: All welcome!

Prerequisite: plays well with others

Pass juggling is a fun way of juggling involving 2 or more people.

3 Ball Juggling Tricks

Prerequisite: a solid 3 ball cascade

Jared has been juggling for over ten years of his life. Growing up in Iowa was where he learned the basic juggling techniques. From there, he moved to Minnesota where he got connected to the juggling community. Starting in 2010, Jared became a member of the IJA (International Juggling Association) and has traveled across the country, meeting some of the best jugglers from around the world, learning various juggling techniques. Later, he started teaching and performing his craft. The winter of 2015, Jared got connected with the Flow community and got opportunities to travel to spread the juggle bug at places, such as, MinneFLOWda, Flow Down, SO Ill, Playthink, Kinetic Fire, Campfire, Texas Flow Fest, Florida Flow Fest, Chicago Flow Show. Last summer he has been part of the Full Moon Jam in Chicago and plans on attending this year’s, as well. He has been working as a juggler for Acrobatica Infiniti Circus, Midnight Circus, and The Runaway Circus out of Chicago. Juggling is Jared’s life and he wants to continue growing his art and bridge that gap of “flow artists” and juggler.


Laughter Yoga

Skill level: All 

Laughter yoga is an exercise in practicing laughter for no reason. Developed by Dr. Madan Kataria in Mumbai India. In the 20 years since it’s inception, laughter yoga has grown to be a world-wide art. Come laugh, giggle, or guffaw with us. Discover why it has grown to what it is today. Children are welcome in Laughter Yoga, though may be asked to step out before the meditation portion of class.

VTG: Flashcards

Familiar with the Vulcan Tech Gospel? Unsure where to go next?! This class will help flesh out the VTG and show you how to make flashcards in the process!

 Jonah DiGirolamo has been teaching for a majority of his life. At the age of 9 he began helping in pre-school classrooms and hasn’t stopped teaching in one way or another since. In 2009 Jonah found the Flow Arts, changing his entire life. What started as a hobby quickly became an obsession and eventually became his entire life. In Winter of 2013 Jonah became a certified Firewalk facilitator, continuing his journey as a teacher. Ever open to the lessons available around him, Jonah looks forward to the next lesson on his journey while sharing what he has learned.

Caitlin Bartow

Rope Dart 101: Spins

Level: Beginner

This class introduces students to the rope dart and covers terminology, planes, sides, spins and swings. Students will walk away with a basic understanding of how to move with a rope dart.

Rope Dart 102: Shots

Level: Beginner

This class introduces students to Rope Dart shots. Shots are projections of the dart using various hinge points/joints of the body. Students will walk away with the ability to perform shots from their foot, knee and elbow on both sides of their body, as well as some combinations of spins (from 101) and shots.

Caitlin Bartow is a flow arts performer and instructor currently based in Brooklyn. She is a Rope Dart Academy instructor and teaches poi and organizes programs and events at the Floasis, Brooklyn’s own fire school and community space. This year she has appeared on the instructor lineups for Spin All The Things (Toronto), Wildfire (Spring), FireDrums and Fahrenheit (where she was also fuel depot co-lead). Caitlin approaches her flow arts practice with equal parts play and discipline and hopes to inspire those same values in her students.

Noah Garza

NunchuckYou (Single Chuck)

Level: Beginner

This class helps you get comfortable with single chuck. It teaches the following techniques: Single Beat, Wrist Rolls, Redirects, Neck Wraps, Arm Passes.

Exploration of Flowchaku (Double Nunchaku)

Learn Doubles Nunchaku, Traces, Strikes, Poi Variations with integrating wrist rolls, passes, hybrids and aerials.

I concentrate more on object manipulation more than martial arts style while providing a fun and highly energetic class.

I have taught at multiple fire festivals including Kinetic Fire, MOPS, CampFire, and renegade fire eating classes at MoFlow. I have performed in corporate and non-corporate gigs locally and nationally for the past 3 years.

Rager Rabbit

Quarter Time with Minis Students 

Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Students will explore Intermediate concepts within Quarter timing using mini hoops ( suggested (2) 24” or smaller ) along with the 9 grid theory applied to hoops.

Multi-Hoop Madness

Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Students will explore multi- hoop manipulations through the application of body placement, “leg” pattern and shape building and introductory hoop juggling using 3 Mini Hoops.

Rager Rabbit its a Multiprop spinner based out of the Atlanta GA area. She specializes in Hoop and Dragonstaff manipulation. A cirque du soleil veteran, she brings a smooth yet aggressive style to her prop manipulation.

Zachary Lyttle

Advanced Contact Jams

Skill Level: Advanced

This class will cover some of the new contact tricks that are becoming more popular like send backs, folding lines, fishtails and bridges and and discussion and brainstorming on ways to transition in between each trick.

Intro To No Beats

Skill Level: Intermediate

Learning how to sustain constant no beat tosses in basic timing, directions, and planes. This class will also introduce the concept of transition between planes and introduce the concept of no beat weaves.

27 years old from Chicago IL, spinning poi for 5 years and juggling for 3.

April &


Music Theory and Song Mapping for Flow Artists

Skill Level: All

Have you ever wanted to know what was about to happen in a song so you could set up you big move for the bass drop? Have you been wanting to get into choreography but not sure where to start? Here will be a class made for flow artists curious in how music works. We will cover the basics of music theory, song mapping and jazz structure to let you add emphasis to your movements and move to the next level in presentation skills by using a deeper understanding and more knowledge about music to your advantage.

April Choi has studied dance and movement arts almost all of her life. Various types of dance, martial arts and fire performance exist in her expansive repertoire of skills. She currently works as an analytical engineer in the Peoria, Illinois and travels extensively around the country teaching and performing a myriad of dance and movement classes.

April has extensive knowledge and experience in whips. With a Master’s Degree in Computational Fluid Dynamics with a focus in High Speed Compressible Multi-Phase Flows, she really understands the physics and dynamics of whips. This has allowed her to design and create some of the best whips available. Her skills with a whip have led her to teach and perform on television, at events and festivals all over the country.

Matchstick Merryweather or “Matches” performs with both Lock & Key Burlesque and Lock & Key Sideshow. Using her background of over 15 years of performance between theater, music, dance, flow arts,  burlesque, and overall “feminine mystique” (she is from the same city as Betty Friedan after all) , she charms the pants off of her audiences (only figuratively, what kind of a girl do you think she is?!)

Matches enjoys infusing glitterblood into new students and hopes that others find as much joy, extreme self acceptance, and ridiculous silliness as she does from the great art that is burlesque.

Bethany Byrnes

Caveman Evolution: Learn to use sticks! (double staff)

Level: Beginner

Learn to use sticks! (beginner double staff) Come and learn the basics of an amazingly versatile tool! We will be going through basic waves, translations, isolations and anti spins to give you a good foundation to continue learning. With these basics you can quickly learn anti-iso patterns, CAP patterns, gating, turning, grid movements and more.

Bethany started into movement arts with horseback riding, initially in show jumping and then moving into the equestrian equivalent of dancing, dressage. Keeping to the partnered theme she has learned many types of dance with human partners including ballroom dance, swing dance and blues dancing. For solo skills she is an accomplished whip cracker and whip maker, a double, contact and dragon staff spinner, a contact juggler and fire performer. She has taught and performed at flow festivals, music festivals, jazz festivals, comic conventions, dances, dance schools and has appeared on national television.

Dylan Rodriguez & Matt Ruffner

Intro to Partner Double Contact Staff

Prerequisites: Basic Double Contact Knowledge

Basic Double Contact Knowledge Focusing on Folding and *SOSC Traps we will breakdown how to respond to your partner’s movements and transition from face to face, side to side, and back to back partner orientation.*Staff On Staff Contact

Dylan Rodriguez and Matt Ruffner have worked together to blaze a new trail that is Partner Double Contact. Combining the work down with Partner Contact Staff and Partner Dragon Staff, they have new and exciting ways to manipulate two staves together.

Jeremy “Jay-Jay” Camacho

Stick Stuff

Skill Level: All

This will be a variations class of little things that have been shown to me and that I found that I think to be very fun and useful. Also I will be going over some fun new concepts and idea.

Born and raised in Chicago and its suburbs first began learning the flow arts in 2012 when a friend introduced him to poi. meeting people in the Chicago flow arts community who later introduced him to the larger flow arts community threw flow events. He became a Chicago fire technician in 2015. He is also a member of pyrotechniq fire troupe, has performed at such events as summer camp music festival, mamby on the beach music festival, creatures of the night music festival, sukava bode yoga festival, freaky deaky music festival

John Vincent Carter

Juggling Essentials

Skill Level: All

Have you been struggling to get that trick you really want? What if you just don’t know what to work on next? Have you always wanted to learn how to juggle, but haven’t gotten around to it yet? Look no further! In this class, you will get individual advice on what you want to work on, no matter what skill level you are! Props are supplied, but you can always bring your own!

Vinny is a juggler from Indianapolis, Indiana. He has juggled for 7 years and has loved every second of it. He was inspired to juggle from watching someone perform, and now teaches and performs to have a similar impact on others. Discovering the world of flow arts has only had a positive effect on his life, so he gives back to the community as much as he can. Feel free to ask him anything about juggling if you see him at Sympo!

Kelsey Thetonia

Intro to Pole

Skill Level: Beginner

Wild Orchid’s Intro to Pole class will cover fundamental techniques for beginner pole spins, tricks and transitions. This class will challenge you to push past your comfort zone, all while working your core and upper body in new and exciting ways. Both new and experienced pole students are welcome.

Kelsey is a pole instructor at Wild Orchid Aerial Fitness and Dance in Bloomington, IN where she teaches the beginner Pole On-ramp Series and the intermediate Pole Expression class.

Logan Goethe

Not Juggling Your Clubs 

Tired of throwing your clubs up only to watch sadly as your hands fail to keep them from dropping? Well then prepare yourselves for a rigorous intro to the refined art of non-toss club manipulation! I am going to give you an overview of the many things one can do without tossing a club, leaving you with a giant bag of tricks and ideas to enhance your club manips. I will be covering common grips and gripswitches, traps, scissors, contact and balance. Club juggling experience is recommended but not necessary.

Logan is a seasoned fire enthusiast with a total of over 8 years dedicated to object manipulation. He has taught and performed at nearly every flow, circus, and music festival in New Zealand where he began juggling while earning his degree in Physics. Now back in America, Logan specializes in finding flow in his juggling using all manner of movement frameworks. As an instructor he teaches in many capacities, from festivals to local public and private schools, always seeking to educate others in finding their natural flow through exposing them to the infinite beauty and possibility of juggling. Armed with a dream to unite the movement and arts communities, he marches forth to create world in which we can more fully embrace all of our different styles of movement to create something truly extraordinary.

Spinning Bones

Intermediate Contact Staff

Vertical Steve and Vertical Steve Variations. Prerequisites: Horizontal Steve.

This workshop will quickly go over the Horizontal Steve and then dive into learning the Vertical Steve. Once feeling comfortable with that, we will cover vertical steve variations and rotations, including front side vertical steve as well as vertical steve rotations on both native & non-native sides. Instructor has 3 extra staves.

As a Detroit based flow artist, fire spinner, and performer, Kasey is captivated by human movement – gestures, body language, the way each person has their own motion. She believes that a whole world can be expressed through movement. After years of attending flow festivals, practice, and dedication, she has become highly skilled in hula hoop and levitation wand, and has developed a passion for and a proficiency in contact staff. She has been part of both large and small performance experiences, including performing with the Electric Forest Performance Troupe, and is now inspired to share her knowledge of flow with other artists.

Virginia Hojas Carbonell

Aerial Yoga

Skill Level: All

Aerial Yoga is the practice of traditional yoga with a soft fabric hammock, suspended a few feet off the ground. The hammock is a prop, intended to assist alignment, deepen awareness, and provide immediate benefits of spinal decompression. With the weight of the body partially or fully supported along with the help of gravity and the fabric, we explore and create space and strength in our bodies as intended in traditional Yoga practice. These classes are designed to fit all levels or fitness and experience.

 Virginia started practicing yoga as part of her New Year’s resolutions to become healthier and stronger. Tired of exercising just for the sake of it, she turned to yoga and found a passion and a way of life. In 2011, she became a Yoga Alliance 200-hr YRT certified Vinyasa Yoga instructor and she finished her 500-hr YRT training in 2015.  In her classes, you will be encouraged to let your breath guide your movement, turning your flow into a moving meditation to let go of your to do lists. Expect to sweat as you move through your asanas and challenge your body and your mind.